Creation and production of puppets with the collective Le Printemps du Machiniste. 2019-2021

Fully Populated is a series of puppets, composed of short episodes intended to be played
in public space. Each episode is written with authors from the voices of residents of different
French cities. After shooting workshops on the theme of the portrait and its neutrality, I work
in collaboration with a 3D modeler who prepares the volume of each person photographed.
Once the 3D printing is completed, I transfer the face to the head of the puppet by hydrography.
This puppetry people thus formed will be played by the collective Le Printemps du Machiniste
in his show : Fully Populated.

In partnership with Jean Arp theater (Clamart), Le Mouffetard theater (Paris), the Hourglass (Ifs) ...

photos : ©Gerard Dussautoir