Miniatures composed in a dark room from photographs taken by my grandfather, during the Algerian
war, and mine. When my grandfather died, I found a metal box containing photographs that I did not
know, they existed. There was this camera I dreamed of as a child, but I was forbidden to touch it.
I discovered some pictures of family but also and especially, images of Algeria. From this experience he
never told me about it. From this war, I only knew a rusty knife which my father had inherited. "The one
which killed" said my father. Through these images, I discover my father's father, a young man. On the
back of the photographs, some comments.
I decided to compose, to transform these images of which I have no negative films - by adding a photo-
graphic layer : mine. What is the extra layer I bring to my family's story?

©Cynthia Charpentreau