In 2004, the European Space Agency launched the Rosetta probe to collect data on comet
67P / Churyumov-Guerassimenko. Comets are celestial bodies composed partially of water ice.
At the approach of the sun, ice on the surface, turns into vapor and sublimate under the action
of solar radiation. Working with the sun as a direct source, (solar photogram not revealed but
fixed), I produced a collection of imaginary comets. The randomness of solar power and exposure
time create a sample of different comets.
ROSETTA celebrates in a poetic and ironic way, the views gathered by the space probe. Not being
able to go myself to space, I discovered the possibility of imagining comets approching the sun.
These images are not the result of a real space journey, nevertheless they produce a certain effect
of reality.

5 not revealed but fixed photograms of 50x60cm and 30 pieces of 17x21cm.
Each photography is unique.

Note: The digital reproduction of these photographs does not show the delicate variability of the
colors due to the argentic processing. The sensitive paper produces a play of colorations that
fluctuate according to the light.

©Cynthia Charpentreau