Found 1

Found is made from an object found in the street : an envelope containing color negatives from another time.
Offices, devastated ... Where was it? When? Who acted? Are we seeing traces of a break-in or the vagaries of a specter?
What was the function of these images? Who took them? What trace did we want to keep? For which police? What
insurance? What memory?
We could investigate these images but I chose, on the contrary, to thicken their mystery, to preserve their imaginary
and aesthetic power - by a blow-up.
The enlargement constitutes a revelation operation in order to seek clues but also to drown out any detail, in addition
to its dimensions. Magnification reduces reality to abstract forms but also, it invents a new reality - which is born in the eye.
For me, it is a question of bringing out the obvious, the evidence, during another revelation mechanism than that of the
police investigation.
I gather these fragments to advance in the narration of my inner projection system, which is the real object of my investigation.
My growing obsession, the unveiling of these images, like unresolved enigmas, led me to play with the materiality of
chromogenic photography to make exist or hide additional clues.
The chromogenic print is carried out in total darkness. I looked in the filters of the black and white enlarger, a mechanism
for revealing colors. By dint of looking for the same in the different and the different in the same, what did I find?

So the project is called Found.

©Cynthia Charpentreau