After a higher diploma in Applied Arts in textile design, Cynthia Charpentreau fully engaged herself
in photography following a training at Gobelins's school in 2012.(Paris)

Cynthia Charpentreau plays with the thought of photography to show the real and imaginary relationships
with the image. Being attached to the materiality of the photographic medium, her process often begins with
the search for material and/or the exploration of a technique as a means of finding images generally without
a camera.

It is mainly in the dark room that her subjects come to life, become active, reveal themselves through a whole
set of operating and chemical protocols. She rubs slices of trees, uses marble dust, makes the paper react to
the sun, to create almost abstract compositions. She captures video surveillance images that record meteors
or uses found negatives to investigate and use photography as a mechanism of revelation.

Her photographs have illustrated several books by authors in literature or theater (Éditions Espaces 34, Ekphrasis).
She also carried out reportings for the magazine Parages (CDN Strasbourg), Vacarme and Les Inrokuptibles.
Cynthia Charpentreau has exhibited at the biennial of photography in Molenbeek (Belgium), at the DNI fotografie
(Slovakia), at Lumière d'Encre gallery (Ceret) and Confort Mental (Paris). She participated in a collective performance
at the Short Theater Festival and at MAAM (Rome).
She was recently host in residence for a month at the Villa Medicis.